Royal Taxi REVERE

Royal Tax Revere MA

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Royal Taxi Revere is currently the oldest continually operating Revere Cab company. There are constant rumors of this company being offered for sale however we have recently learned here at revere taxi . com that these rumors seem to be unfounded and royal taxi is not now nor has it ever been up for sale.

What services does Royal Taxi Revere offer?

Royal Taxi Revere has approximately a half dozen Red Taxis. To my knowledge all of their taxis use yellow school bus pupil plates

When Was Royal Taxi Revere established?

I’ll have to check on this but to the best of my knowledge Royal Taxi Revere Cab company was established sometime around 1987 ROYAL TAXI REVERE Call us instead 781-284-5555by “Pat” Munafo one of my all time favorite people and personal heros. The demise of Surf Cab Revere allowed Royal taxi to grow tremendously and for a short time they were the largest and most successful Taxi company in Revere. This success did not last as New Yellow Taxi of Revere  opened and promptly drove them to the edge of oblivion. Somehow they managed to hang on and weather the storm only to grow again slightly with the demise of  New Yellow Taxi

Logan Airport Revere Taxi Cab
882 Winthrop ave
Revere, MA
Phone: 781-284-5555